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The biggest trend in the tech e-retail space is now offline stores.

Over 90% of retail spending takes place in brick-and-mortar stores.

More than eight out of 10 shoppers made their purchase in store.

The offline experience of touching and feeling clothes isn't going away.

The few that run physical stores right there’s a lot of money to be made.

A physical store can have a very deep connection with the customer.

The brands must figure out how to keep their brand in sync across the various channels.

What is RobinBrick?

RobinBrick is an advanced analytics solution for the retail industry. It delivers insights to make implementation fast, easy and trackable. Connect to different data sources, internal and external, to your organization. Artificial intelligence monitors and ranks thousands of data points and manages priorities avoiding time-consuming, manual analysis. Produce intuitive and meaningful reports on the web and across mobile devices. Each report is designed to be adapted and carried out for each role — CEO, marketing, sales, product design or purchasing, merchandising and retail employees.
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Why RobinBrick?

In addition to traditional Business Intelligence Solutions RobinBrick:


cross-level data

Focus on Retail

Provide “Plug & Play” retail solution based on collected data.

Illuminates Dark Data

Uncover hidden data in your organization and access to sales floor knowledge.

Data that makes sense

Review your KPIs and have them adjusted with those external variables that influence them. 


Identify and rank sales opportunities at all levels and on daily basis.

Active Solution

Algorithms and machine learning prescribe a set of actions for each report.


Let your employees participate and raise store performance  & products trackability.

What's your goal Today?

Increase profits from each of your stores

Anticipate trends

Light on the organizational strategies

Identify trends-scouts

Reduce markdowns

Engage employees

Increase sales

We enable

Agile Retail

RobinBrick is designed to convert data into daily actionable tactics. Our 4C method is based on Collecting data, Connecting data, Communicating insights and Converting insights into actions.

Step 1

RobinBrick connects to the data that matters. Connect to internal data from your ERP, in-store “Internet of Things” (IoT) data such as cameras and sensors or your e-commerce data. Connect to external data from the “Internet of Cities” (IoC) such as the weather. Materialize, “Dark-Data” - the acquired sales floor knowledge.

Step 2

Our algorithms powered by A.I. analyze data and evaluate the impact on KPIs. Access to KPI on real-time and allocate the best tactics. KPIs are measured by profitability impact and adapted to stores.

Steps 3 & 4
Communicate & Convert

Empower employees by getting them involved in the process.  The goal is to transform the organization into a profitable and agile organic system where designers, merchandisers, managers and store employees work together.

Final Step

The goal is to transform the organization into an agile organic system where designers, merchandisers, managers and store staff work together and hypothesis are converted into actions that are fast, easy to understand and trackable.

About us

RobinBrick was born in Barcelona from the program "The Collider" through the foundation of Mobile World Capital as a technology transfer initiative "Deep Tech" of university research centers and entrepreneurial profiles. The incubation process begins on November 18, 2017 and after proposing a disruptive business model,the company was constituted on January 2, 2018. Over the following months, RobinBrick has grown in team and financing.

Our team

Hernán Camps
Chief Executive Officer

Ana Guasch
Chief Marketing Officer

Victoria Beltrán
Chief Technology Officer

Victor Martínez de Albéniz
Chief Scientific Officer

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Makiko Okada
Retail Industry Expert

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